Free downloadable communication cards for COVID 19 (coronavirus) patients, caregivers and health care providers in many languages

If you have the corona virus, you may be heavily short of breath, need to cough a lot or be ventilated. Many patients experience problems with talking and expressing their needs, questions and uncertainties. Health care providers may also be more difficult to understand because of all protective clothing. Being able to communicate well is very important when you're sick, but how do you do that without talking? The International Society for Augmentative and Alternative Communication – Netherlands and Flanders (ISAAC-NF, the Dutch chapter of ISAAC) has a lot of experience with supporting communication for people who are not able to speak. Together with a number of health care experts, they developed simple to use communication cards for use during bedside communication with corona patients. Patients and caregivers can easily point out what they want to say and ask on these cards.

Multiple variants are available in several languages: (a) communication cards with written text and written often used questions, (b) communication cards with written text combined with small graphic symbols, (c) and for several languages a letter card is included for spelling out words and a scale to indicate pain.

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Italian Russian Slovak Spanish
Turkish Vietnamese Polish Croatian
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All these communication cards are available for free for everyone. The communication cards are primarily focused on hospital care. But they are also certainly employable by GPs and in other care environments.



ISAAC-NF is the Dutch-Flemish chapter of the International Society for Augmentative and Alternative Communication. Our mission is to optimize the communication possibilities for people with complex communication needs through providing a platform for scientific research, education, (secondary) training and advice. ISAAC-NF wants to be a spider in the web and to make a meaningful, sustainable contribution to all these aspects.

Every human being has the right to accessible communication, as is stated in UN Conventions. For people who can't express themselves in spoken or written forms, others ways of communication must be found: Augmentative and Alternative Communication. Not being able to speak does not mean you have nothing to say. ISAAC-NF is convinced that every person, regardless of their (health) limitations, is able to communicate and has something to say!

We thank Jabbla and Symbolstix for their permit to use the graphic symbols. The communication boards with symbols are made in MindExpress (

We thank for help with translation, amongst others: T. van Rijn (twitter @TTvRijn)

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